18 Ways to Impress Mom This Mother’s Day

Perhaps this Mother’s Day more than any is an important time to let the moms in your life know just how much each means to you. Of course, absolutely nothing can replace a loving hug, a compassionate touch, knowing glances …

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Missouri is the Best State: Top 10 Reasons

State flag of Missouri

Few ideas resonate with the American psyche more than “Middle America,” and few states embody that ethos quite as much as Missouri. Its central location in the middle of the country means that you’re closer to so many aspects of …

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Hawaii is the Best State: Top 10 Reasons

State flag of Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most unique states in America. It has its own time zone, is the only state geographically furthest from the others, is the only state to be completely comprised of island territory. Given all that, there …

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3 Key Keto Diet Challenges … Solved!

Experts address top 3 keto diet problems, provide solutions for each Embracing a new diet can be tricky at first. You’re changing the types of foods you’re eating, the amounts you’re allowed to have and often experiencing a new way …

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