Father’s Day Finds Dads Will Adore

Although Father’s Day is on fast and furious approach, finding that perfect gift for dear ‘ole dad can be even more of a challenge as many endeavor to stay home and shop online. To ease and expedite your e-Shopping expeditions, …

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Empower Cocktails Launches Ladies-Focused Spirits Line

::: The Empower Cosmopolitan Martini beverage launches to wet the whistle of spirits-savvy women ::: The distilled drink industry is booming, with one report citing the global alcoholic beverages sector is poised to reach a whopping $1,684 billion by 2025. …

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South Carolina is the Best State: Top 10 Reasons

State flag of South Carolina

Living in South Carolina can be tough. You’re often overshadowed by a bigger, more northerly neighbor North Carolina, and you’re always the butt of jokes about everything from past battles to beauty pageant faux pas.  However, South Carolinians are tougher …

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Virginia Is the Best State: Top 10 Reasons

State flag of Virginia

Historically, geographically, culturally – whatever adverbial “-ly” you use to describe America, you’ll find Virginia at the center of it, naturally. Just ask Richard Henry Lee and The Lees of Old Virginia! In 1776 (aka the Broadway musical about the …

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Nevada is the Best State: Top 10 Reasons

State flag of Nevada

Ask anyone outside of Nevada what they associate with the state and the answer is bound to be Las Vegas. However, the fact is there’s a lot more to Nevada than just Las Vegas’ latest nightclub drama and casino debauchery. …

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TV Personality Melissa Rycroft Reveals Health ‘Reality’

Many know Melissa Rycroft as a former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader turned prior contestant on the ABC’s “The Bachelor” TV show, and as a fierce competitor crowned winner of Dancing with the Stars fifteenth season. What many might not know is that Rycroft achieved all …

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