About Us

Christee Gamron is the creator of 100 Steps. Her goal is to make outdoor excursions on the beautiful Oregon coast available to those who need more information prior to an outing to ensure the venue is within their physical abilities. She sincerely hopes people find the walk details on 100 Steps useful, perhaps enticing them to visit a location they may not have otherwise considered. Keep walking!

Scott Gamron is the “husband” referred to in many of the write-ups. He is chauffeur, photographer, trail blazer and huge supporter, both in scouting walks and the creation of this website. He reads and tests every new page (always with loving enthusiasm) and is full of helpful feedback. This site would not exist without his backing and encouragement.

Our petite pup Kasi accompanies us on our outings.  She’s a happy, playful companion.


For more than a year after the creation of 100 Steps, I had no pictures of myself on the site. When I finally added one, it was small and blurry. But I’ve found when I visit others websites, I like to know who I’m reading. So, here are a few selfies, taken by Scott at various 100 Steps walking venues.


Special Thanks

The enthusiastic response I received when I mentioned the idea of 100 Steps to Robert Painter helped move this site from concept to reality. Both his friendship and support of this site are greatly appreciated.

My outer journey is supported and augmented by the inner guidance and love of my spiritual teacher and the teachings of MasterPath.

100 Steps is dedicated to encouraging walking in the scenic Oregon outdoors, especially for folks with limited mobility.When miles are too far…try steps!