Amazing Facts About Buckingham Fountain

Amazing Facts About Buckingham Fountain

When it comes to knowing the most iconic monuments in Chicago, the Buckingham Fountain is the only landmark we can acknowledge for its superiority. The Buckingham fountain is a part of Grant Park. It has been alive for almost a century, and it is considered to be the most impressive and elaborative fountains all over the world, attracting thousands of spectators every year.

So, are you planning to take a look at the monument up-close? Then you should definitely test yourself on how much you actually know about this beautiful monument.

We have listed five unknown and amazing facts about the Buckingham Fountain that will excite you even more and will build up a lot of expectations before you even visit the site.

  1. It is not related to the Buckingham Palace

Just because the fountain includes the name “Buckingham” doesn’t mean it is related to the famous Buckingham Palace, it is merely a matter of coincidence. In fact, the fountain is named after a rich benefactor, Kate Buckingham, who declared the monument as a memorial for her dead brother, Clarence, on May 26, 1927.

Clarence Buckingham was the eldest of the three siblings, and he moved to Chicago with his family when he was a young boy.

  1. A Representation of Lake Michigan

You must know that the entire construction of the fountain is based on the very famous Lake Michigan, created by M. Loyau. The basins represent the lake itself, while every pair of horses relates to one of the country’s most amazing waters, namely, Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, and Indiana.

  1. One of the world’s biggest fountains

The Buckingham fountain is almost 85 meters in diameter, and that is what makes it one of the biggest monuments of the whole world. Other than this, it rises above 7 meters and contains three consecutive stages of basins, overwhelmed with four coupled bronze seahorses. Also, it is featured with 134 jets that are powered with 3 pumps, releasing water up to an astounding height of higher than 45 meters.

  1. The fountain carries 6,000,000 Liters of Water

Just from its extraordinary dimensions, we can judge that the fountain holds a lot of water. With that being said, this fountain has the capacity to hold at least six million liters of water. That’s like mega cool.

  1. It is powered with Security Alarms

This might sound a little foolish, but it is important to have. The Buckingham Fountain is featured with elaborative security systems, monitoring the waters 24/7 by a group of trained professionals. Without a doubt, it is a precious monument, and it deserves to be protected, as it exists for a long time. In addition to this, Chicago is ready to take all the measures to keep its ancient monuments as safe as possible.

It is a beautiful sight, and no person should miss the chance to see this amazing monument belonging to the past century. In addition to this, Chicago also provides tours to the Buckingham fountain.