Top 20 Best America Beaches to Visit In the USA

Best America beaches

Best America beaches: summer is here and it’s officially beach season! Since, everyone wants to spend their vacations lying down on cool white sand under the summer sun (away from dishwashing and the usual chores) the US has some really serene, clean and exquisite beaches for you and your family to spend their summer breaks.

Moreover, there are beaches that you can visit throughout the year. So, if you miss a chance to pay a visit this summer, you can take a trip to America in winters luckily.

Here are the top best America beaches:

Clearwater, Florida

As the name gives a hint, this beach has perfectly clear water and snow-white sand adding to the beauty of this beach. Pier 60 is the best tourist attraction including souvenir shops, musical performances and plays for children. Sunsets at Pier 60 are also breathtaking. And for those who love solitude (don’t forget to take your iPod) a bicycle trail has been paved with mangroves running on both sides leading to Clearwater Memorial Causeway.

Miami, Florida

Miami is one of the most famous beaches of America for Glamour and historic preservation. Miami Beach has been declared as “Gay Mecca” since a decade and the other famous tourist attractions in Miami are Ocean Drive and Lincoln Road Mall for popular and expensive boutiques for Fashion Lovers.

Destin, Florida

Hello Golf lovers! We have got you covered because at Destin you can play Golf at one of the famous Golf courses and you can do plenty of fishing in the emerald-blue waters. White sandy beach stretched before a rented resort is the best summer ever.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Known for its boating canals running along with luxury hotels, clubs, outdoor restaurants with the most beautiful views, International Swimming Hall of Fame and parks depicting lagoons and trails.

Malibu, California

Malibu is a beach to spend your whole life, a vacation may never be enough plus you always have a chance to meet your favorite celebrity here, because Malibu is a home to a lot of them. The best tourist attraction here is surfing and amusement parks in Santa Monica Mountains.Laguna, California

A perfect beach for art lovers because it has a lot of beautiful art galleries and museums. Main beach offers a site at tide pools leading to a Surfing Park. A wilderness park is also there to serve photographers and nature lovers.

San Diego, California

If you are interested in Mexican Food San Diego is the best option. A very unique museum built inside an aircraft carrier is a known tourist attraction. For families visiting San Diego, there is a great Balboa Park with a zoo, artist studios, shopping malls and gardens.

Santa Cruz, California

Visit Santa Cruz for the love of retro rides. Downtown has a lot of periodic art galleries, cafes and vintage clothing stalls. It has a natural history museum for flora and flora.

Newport Beach, California

Newport is an old-school beach with a very artistic view of its boat-filled harbor. The amusement parks here are also old-fashioned but they provide a very pleasing view of the ocean tides.

Long beach, California

Funny name but has a very aesthetic Aquarium of the Pacific, a walkthrough the marine world is so fascinating and wonderful that one cannot deny. RMS Queen Mary Ship anchored for decorative purposes near the shore is also one of the most amazing things at Long Beach.

Kailua, Hawaii

Hawaiin beaches are prominent all over the world and Kailua has a Sports Hub, a Beach park of course and a hike leading towards the old military bunkers. The overall atmosphere is peaceful and welcoming.

Kaanapali, Hawaii

One of the beaches in United States that offers swimming and long silent walks (with your favorite song) along the shore. It has a number of beautiful resorts for tourists. A perfect beach to relax and enjoy water sports with friends.

Hapuna Beach, Hawaii

This beach provides the best sunrise and sunsets all year round. It has gold to brown sand unlike other United States beaches, with white or pink sand. Every moment here is worth capturing and breathtaking.

Galveston, Texas

It attracts everyone because of its Moody Gardens keeping water animals along with monkeys and other land animals. It has a lot of fishing spots and amusement parks (and don’t forget to try the Texas BBQ there)

Cherry Grove Beach, Carolina

A clean quite beach for morning and evening walks with the love of your life, a best friend or a dog. A family beach where you can build sand castles and look what sea tides bring for you and a great fishing spot for old chaps.