Cape Foulweather

If you are in the vicinity of Depoe Bay or Newport, it’s well worth driving Otter Crest Loop. Winding only south for a portion of the drive, the Pacific Coast Bicycle Route diverts cyclists to this portion of the old coast highway due to its scenic beauty. (My husband learned of it when he bicycled from Longview to Florence.) Along the way, you can stop at Cape Foulweather for the sights and perhaps a little shopping.

It was a sunny Spring day when I ventured over the cracked, humped pavement to peer south from the Cape Foulweather overlook. We had visited other coastal viewpoints earlier in the day, and had experienced only breezes compared to the typical Pacific coast winds. As I headed toward the fence line, it seemed my visit was on a day of mild air currents. When I reached the edge though, I was hit with such a strong gust I held on to the fence to stabilize myself. These blasts continued in cycles for the duration of my visit. And this was a mild day!

The weather may be foul…but the views are stupendous. It’s worth bracing yourself and heading to the edge to enjoy the sights.


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Dubbed Otter Crest State Scenic Viewpoint by the Oregon Parks system, from the overlook at Cape Foulweather the coast stretches to the south presenting views of the community near Otter Rock, the Devil’s Punch Bowl area, Beverly Beach, and reaching even as far as Yaquina Head. Gull Rock is a prominent rock island a bit more westward, and wide expanses of Pacific blue stretch south, west and north.