Devils Churn

Our most recent stop at Devils Churn, an impressive chasm in Cape Perpetua Scenic Area just south of Yachats, was merely a brief pause to stretch our legs and snap a few photos on our way to points farther north.  Always captivating, dramatic sea splashes and whirling white froth can be witnessed at high tide or during storms.

Churn overlook

50 Steps


It takes little time and is worth a stop to peer over the cliff’s edge from the stone paved overlook.  An easy turn off, you simply park up top and head to the well-marked perimeter.  Rather than waves pummeling a sandy shore, you will see them ebb and flow into the lava rock cleft below.

Descent to shore

200+ Steps

I have not attempted the Trail of Restless Waters, which descends through the forest to reach the rocky shores of Devils Churn, for many years.  I recall it being broad and nicely paved, but I also know it is steep enough to require switchbacks, and I do not recall any benches.  At some point I would like to return to scout the details for 100 Steps.  Perhaps there are resting options that make it manageable for those who can cope with the slope.  Until then, I will merely mention it here, and direct folks to the helpful information I found on Trailpedia, which lists it as a 1 mile loop. (Note: Trailpedia is no longer online. I have listed a link to an Internet archive of the page, but be aware that page access can be very slow.)