Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint

Face Rock State Scenic Viewpoint delivers a superb tableau of this prominent Bandon landmark, other nearby sea stacks, and the surrounding sandy shores and rolling surf. These delightful sights can be witnessed from a loop trail, divided into three legs, that circuits the grassy slope atop this seaside bluff. I love finding loop trails that I can both negotiate and complete, and this one is a fabulous choice.

Note: Bench access at the resting spots described below is more challenging than the trail. Although not many steps, the ground is irregular and steep, particularly at the west bench. If you require a seated break within the span of this loop, but cannot maneuver this type of terrain, you may instead choose to enjoy the sights from the picnic area.

Face Rock view

125 Steps


Embarking on the right-hand leg of the trail, you will soon reach a vantage of the stony Indian princess of local legends, gazing skyward. Other interesting rock formations are scattered in the water and on shore. You may even see folks ascending the large rock plateau accessible from the sand below.

South view

150 Steps

A slightly longer stretch of rolling path presents far-reaching views of coastline and rock formations in a variety of shapes and sizes. On a clear day you can see the beach stretching south for more than a mile.

Picnic area

100 Steps

The last leg of the loop passes picnic tables for lunching while enjoying ocean vistas exceeding the ambiance of most fine-dining establishments. Continuing past lands you back at the parking lot. Should you choose to forego the trail’s loop, you can head straight to this area from the parking lot, reaching it within 50 steps.

Terrain:Trail is broad, rough pavement, except near the west bench where there was a buildup of sand. Trail slopes down to the west bench, then back up to reach the south bench. From the south bench to picnic area there is a short area that is noticeably steeper, until you reach the corner, but this does not last long (maybe 20 steps). See the note in the location description regarding bench access.
Seating:Both viewpoints have a bench with a back. The picnic area has two picnic tables.
Restrooms:North side of parking, near entrance
Directions:From the parking area, follow the right leg of the trail to reach the south view bench. Continue on the trail to the west view bench. The final leg of the trail passes the picnic area on the way back to the parking lot.