Umpqua Riverfront Boardwalk

Boardwalks are ideal walking destinations: salty water lapping below a level plane on which to tread, ample seating, fresh air.  In addition to these typical boardwalk offerings, the Umpqua Riverfront Boardwalk boasts a restaurant, as well as the Umpqua Discovery Center and its gift shop.

My husband and I, accompanied by our pair of waggly Maltese, lucked upon a sun-filled day, a breeze tickling our checks and spreading a light fishy scent our way as we strolled, rested, took photos.  Typically a bit timid, our pups were not at all spooked by the area, their sensitive noses twitching in overdrive, instantaneously telling them more about the vicinity than our own eyes could after lengthy observation.  Our stay was a very pleasant hour, although if one imbibes in the other boardwalk offerings, one could easily occupy themselves here for longer.




We parked at the Rainbow Plaza picnic area, watching bustling fisherfolk hoping to snag a Chinook or two launch their vessels as we started our walk.  You can learn about the area via the interpretive signs dotting the walkway’s edge, covering topics such as the regional inhabitants (both winged and finned) and area history.  In about 125 steps you will reach a decorative eagle bench.  From there, other seating options can be reached in 50 steps or less.  Views of one of several metal railway bridges crossing the Umpqua remind one of the days when central Oregon rivers were primarily productive waterways.  In these times of greater leisure though, the Umpqua Riverfront Boardwalk is the perfect venue for an entertaining and relaxing outing.

Terrain:Parking lot is rough, pocked pavement to boardwalk ramp. Boardwalk is smooth, broad, and (except for the ramp) flat.
Seating:Several benches and one picnic table, spaced at varying intervals
Fee: No fee
Restrooms:From the Rainbow Plaza boat launch parking lot, in a building marked ‘City of Reedsport’. Others can be reached by walking through the Discovery Center gift shop (when open).
Directions:If you park by boat launch, as indicated on the destination map, you can see the ramp leading to the boardwalk. You can also park in the Discovery Center lot, and enter the boardwalk from the other end.