Yachats State Park

Just off the main drag in the charming, artsy, affluent community of Yachats, Yachats State Park is an essential stop when passing through this part of the coast. On our most recent visits in June and early September, my husband and I lucked upon cloudless days with light breezes, allowing us to linger and enjoy the sunlit brilliance of the surrounding waters. We were also treated on both occasions with the thrill of frequent and varied whale-spout sightings. A pod was apparently lunching at the mouth of the Yachats River during their migration.

Viewing deck

25 Steps


A short jaunt from the parking lot lands you on a viewing deck that rests just above the driftwood strewn, black rocky shores. An informational sign inventories the dwellers of the tide pools below

Terrain: Flat pavement and decking.
Seating: One bench on the viewing deck. Seated view is somewhat obscured by safety wires.
Fee: No
Restrooms: 75 steps on pavement from the nearest parking, up a slight slope.
Directions: Deck is clearly visible from the parking lot.

Parking benches

25 Steps

Unobstructed views can be easily attained by utilizing one of the benches placed on either side of the viewing platform. Bring a sandwich or snack, and of course a camera, and absorb the healthy entertainment of the sea.

Terrain: Flat pavement, a curb, and then grass to reach each bench.
Seating: Two benches, both with backs.
Fee: No
Restrooms: 75 steps on pavement from the nearest parking, up a slight slope.
Directions: Benches are clearly visible from the parking lot, one on each side of the viewing deck.

South benches

75 Steps

For a better walk and a bit more secluded vantage, head down the path to the south to one of two benches offering front row seats for the show of waves cascading into the river mouth, fisherman dropping lines off nearby rocks, and perhaps surfers riding the long swells.

The first bench, backless, can be reached in 50 steps, but the terrain between the path and sitting is a bit treacherous. An additional 25 steps allows easier access to a bench with a back. Still grassy and steep, careful maneuvering can get you seated.

Terrain: Packed dirt path is a bit irregular, slight decline. Short but steep paths though irregular grass and dirt are required to reach the benches (reaching the backless bench is the more challenging).
Seating: One backless bench, one bench with a back.
Fee: No
Restrooms: 75 steps on pavement from the nearest parking, up a slight slope.
Directions: Trail starts just before the viewing deck, and heads south. Path continues after the benches mentioned, but I did not scout this area.